[ExI] Is a copy of you really you?

Ben ben at zaiboc.net
Tue May 26 19:35:31 UTC 2020

OK, I've still not heard anything from anyone who subscribes to the 'a 
copy of you is not you' school of thought, about my 'amoeba' question, 
Any takers?

To reiterate the question:

If an entire person could be replicated in a similar way to how an 
amoeba reproduces (every organelle in every cell is reproduced and 
randomly assigned to one of two daughter cells, which then separate, 
maintaining all the relationships with all the other cells in the 
relevant daughter organism) how would you regard the two resultant people?

Would they be two completely new people, unrelated to the original (who 
could now be regarded as dead), would they be two versions of the same 
person, each with an equally valid claim to be 'the original' (just as I 
can claim to be the 'original me' of 10 minutes ago), or would they be 
something else I've not thought about?

Or is this thought experiment somehow flawed, and not relevant to the 

Any opinions?

Ben Zaiboc

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