[ExI] Is a copy of you really you?

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> The analogy from the software development world is a fork: two teams take
> a project in two different directions starting at exactly the same point.
> If the starting point is Joe the two forks would have different labels to
> identify them, e.g., Joe^1 and Joe^2. There's no longer just one Joe. The
> analogy breaks when you look closer, though, because usually the original
> developer or team maintains one of the branches, and that fork often keeps
> the Joe label.

In this case, the analogy breaks because there is no "original".  A closer
analogy would be when the original dev team schisms, both of them have a
complete copy of the original repository and some of the original hardware
(perhaps there was no single master repo server, but twin masters at the
time of split, so one team takes one master and the other team takes the
other), and the circumstances of the schism don't clearly point to either
side being the "original" and the other one not.
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