[ExI] Is a copy of you really you?

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The discussion so far has managed to sidestep an earlier issue -

Let's assume that this impossible operation is done while the original is
asleep.  When he wakes up he feels normal - right?  The copy wakes up and
what?  They do not, cannot, share a consciousness, right?  But the copy has
all the memories of the original and so thinks he is that person whose mind
and body he occupies.  When told what happened he becomes psychotic - my

bill w

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>> OK, I've still not heard anything from anyone who subscribes to the 'a
>> copy of you is not you' school of thought, about my 'amoeba' question,
>> Any takers?
>> To reiterate the question:
>> If an entire person could be replicated in a similar way to how an
>> amoeba reproduces (every organelle in every cell is reproduced and
>> randomly assigned to one of two daughter cells, which then separate,
>> maintaining all the relationships with all the other cells in the
>> relevant daughter organism) how would you regard the two resultant people?
>> Would they be two completely new people, unrelated to the original (who
>> could now be regarded as dead), would they be two versions of the same
>> person, each with an equally valid claim to be 'the original' (just as I
>> can claim to be the 'original me' of 10 minutes ago), or would they be
>> something else I've not thought about?
>> Or is this thought experiment somehow flawed, and not relevant to the
>> question?
>> Any opinions?
> They would be two versions of the same person each with equal claim to
> being the original.
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