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Wed May 27 03:40:19 UTC 2020


My city is all in a stir.  The local constabulary wants to install license plate readers in strategic locations about the town, and have floated the notion on the neighborhood online forum.  I am careful about what I write there (far more than I am about what I write here) because these people are my neighbors.  They know how I am, and like me anyway.  


I commented that there is no violation of 4th amendment if they don’t aim the cameras into or at your home.  I would think it would be a great tool for law enforcement.  The opinions are split about evenly: some say it is an invasion of privacy.  I chose to not post that we have no privacy outside our homes now.  


Hotel rooms must be treated as if you are being video and audio recorded because you might be already: bad guy hides one of those stand-alone transmitting cameras, a few days later he posts you the video of whatever you did in there, suggests he could be persuaded to not putting that on FaceBook with a modest pile of BitCoin.


I haven’t actually heard of that happening, but we wouldn’t if it did, ja?



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