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> > FDR ran in 1932 saying he would balance the budget.

And like most politicians he did not keep his campaign promise, but in this
case it's a very good thing that he did not. As a percentage of the GDP the
largest debt in American history occurred in 1945 and it didn't result in
disaster, in fact the US dominated the world economy for decades after.

> *>A big problem with inflation is it robs those furthest from where the
> inflated money enters the system the most and these are usually the most
> vulnerable people: those on pensions and those with low-paying fixed income
> jobs. This leads to many of them being penniless or the the equivalent.
> Inflation also distorts the structure of production, making for
> unsustainable projects.*

I don't disagree with any of that, in 1980 inflation was 13.5% and that's
way too high, but 1980 was a walk in the park compared to 1932 which had no
inflation whatsoever. And why are we even talking about inflation when
today it is the lowest in recorded history?

> *> Two, in other posts, you've often used fear of the masses rising up and
> revolting. So I wonder if you identify more with the ruling elite than with
> the masses.*

I try not to identify with either and look at things dispassionately, and
it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if the US government decides to
do nothing and at least 40 million families have zero income and zero
health coverage in the middle of a global pandemic then the future looks
very bright for guillotine manufacturers.

John K Clark
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