[ExI] Is a copy of you really you?

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>...This subject was beaten to death long ago.

>...Best wishes,  Keith

How I wish I could split myself into to identical copies.  Then I could play

Regarding beating a subject to death, it has been such a pleasure to see
some favorite old topics get beaten back to life.  With regard to subjects
we discussed at length in the 1990s, what is the really big difference
between then and now?  What makes it worthwhile to listen to how the younger
generation deals with the same questions we did a long time ago, with new
players, such as Regina and Bill and the other new kids on the block.  They
bring new perspective, even if they end up in the same channels we wore into
the path.

So what is different now?

My answer: the biggest difference is in how much online material is
available free for anyone to get up to speed quickly on anything.  There is
100 times more reference material and 100 times better online resources now
compared to the early 90s.

>...Robin Hanson thinks duplicated people will...

Anyone heard from Robin lately?  He was in town a few yrs ago, we went to
dinner to celebrate Pete McCluskey's wedding.  As I recall he was still
doing the professor biz at George Mason U.  I don't have his current @, but
at one time it was rhanson at gmu.edu I think.

Does anyone have a current @ for him?  Please invite him to drop by just to
greet old friends.

Robin, me lad, are ye there?  We miss you buddy!


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