[ExI] Is a copy of you really you?

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> Money is not going to be an issue. If we have duplicating machines good
> enough to duplicate me then it can duplicate other things too, so I just
> take my half of the assets and run them through the machine.

Presumably your non-cash assets.  Even with just the laws we have today,
duplicating currency would be illegal if you're not the government.

Also your non-digital assets.  Duplicating your own molecules doesn't
directly do anything to the data servers of a bank located far away from
you (and which they would object with much force to your attempts to

But then, some time on the commodities market might be the answer.  Buy a
bunch of bulk goods - with a world supply so large that your personal
addition to the inventory won't measurably change the price - then
duplicate several times and sell the results.  Works better with
non-perishable goods: gold and platinum, not pork and grain.  You could
probably do this with earlier generation tech than copying a person.  (If
it's just shuffling molecules, not replicating elements so you can't do
gold and platinum, then perhaps do oil.  Ramp it up to industrial
production, so you can affect world prices, and you can crash the price of
oil, robbing the petrostates of their influence on world politics.)
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