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To distinguish from doing it on the fly/at the time.

If you are serving a cooked chicken, the default assumption is that you
cooked it shortly before you served it.  A precooked chicken was cooked
before you obtained it, or at least was cooked some time ago.

Plans can be adjusted on the fly, and often need to be as unexpected events
come up.  If you're still following a preplanned course, you have not yet
had to adjust that particular plan.

Programming, likewise, can be done on the fly - especially by certain AI
systems these days, but also by humans who have no time to test or debug.
This means it does not result in the highest quality of work, so it can be
useful to warn when the preprogrammed code (if any) will no longer suffice
and the system must be programmed in real time.

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> dContinuing our wild discussion on redundancy, how about:  preplanning? or
> preprogrammed? or precooked?  And there's more.  In each case the sense
> wanted would be just fine with planning, programmed, and cooked.
> So why the 'pre'?
> bill w
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