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>> How about Enders Game?  The movie version did a good job with the point of the book: that Ender was tricked into being a warrior.


>…In the movie Ender was a teenager but in the book he was 6, however I think that was a change for the better; 6 just wouldn't have worked. Very good movie although I wish it had made it as clear as it was in the book that Ender had actually killed the bullies Stilson and Bonzo and hadn't just hurt them.


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Ja, Ender was created as a superhuman intelligence thru genetic engineering.  Bean from Ender’s Shadow was even smarter.  That really wasn’t an option for movies to have a 6 yr old Ender: you can’t get sufficiently talented actors that age to pull off the role.  The movie version also introduced sexual tension, which improved the story in a way, and of course is a strict requirement for all Hollywood movies.


That was a rare example of one where I really liked the movie after having read the book.



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