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>>…I have been following the Spacex adventure.  Someone commented that Elon Musk reminds them of a Bond villain…But what if… the technology billionaire is the good guy doing good things, and the government agent is the bad guy? ….  spike




>…Let's thank the Simulators for Elon Musk. He is very needed… Giulio



Ja, roger that Giulio.  A good friend of mine since we were age 7 grew up with the space program as I did (what a marvelous privilege that was) worked at the cape during the shuttle years, lives near the giant integral sign (Max Brewer Bridge) and was out there both days, the rained-out Wednesday and again Saturday.  His comment interested me: there have been plenty of Spacex launches out of the cape (he estimates about 70 of them over the last about ten years.)  He lives down on the Indian River about a km from the Integral so he sees them all and he sees the crowds.  


This was the first manned Spacex launch.  This time it was a completely different game: waaaay the heeelllll more people, way more enthusiasm: the crowd went crazy, cheering and acting like fools out there when they lit the candle, great time.  It was Apollo all over again.


I am struggling with the irony.  The unmanned launches carry instruments of enormous scientific value, and of course that feet-first landing trick is the controls engineer’s playground.  This launch took a coupla fellers to the station, which has little if any remaining scientific value: we already know the answers to the (very few) questions that station gave us.  The proletariat cheered like crazy for the scientifically uninteresting, while shrugging off the really valuable science.


Shows to go ya: no Buck Rogers, no bucks.  








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