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I’m not sure there’s much in the way of new science on this particular mission. It’s merely demonstrating that the Crew Dragon can deliver people safely to orbit. The first stage landing on a drone ship thing is something SpaceX has done dozens of times. They’ve literally managed to bring back and land the first stage 40 times — when one includes landings on land. (This is out of 47 attempts, so around 85% of the attempts have succeeded. So there’s little new to see here for avid SpaceX watchers.)

The big deal about this is that it should make for lower cost more or less routine delivery of people to orbit. The next planned Cree Dragon mission is in August, and then there are a few more for next year, including tourist flights.


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> Recovery of the first stage was awesome.  Beyond that I think have lost most of my awe about getting things in orbit.  That it was private business, mostly, was certainly a significant event. TV news I don't watch, but I suspect that no details of the scientific aspects of the program will see the air, which, by the way, is now outdated for TV (but not for radio - does anyone listen to radio news?).  bill w
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