[ExI] Watch robots make pizzas from start to finish at an automated pizzeria

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> I heard of Zume Pizza but never did go over there to check it out.

I know their VP of Engineering, but I haven't (yet) had a reason to follow
up with him since he went to Zume.

You can hire paroled rapists and murderers to run a machine, and they are
> cheaper than non-felons.  What is he going to do?  Run off with a fry
> cooker on his back?

Poison very specific pizzas, if they know where the pizzas are going.  That
tends not to be the case, and is rare anyway.

> Apologies John, I realized I wandered far from your original comment on
> robots making pizza, but how hard is it to visualize ordering from a kiosk
> which is speech-recognition-enabled, the food being made by machines
> entirely, and handed out a window by a robot arm?

Pre-pandemic, the local McDonalds were experimenting with kiosks for order
entry and payment - touchscreen rather than voice activated, and you still
had to go to the human-operated counter to actually get your food (and if
you were paying in cash).  These got shut down with the rest of the dining
room, and remained offline over health worries once one could go back
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