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> Today BAP (Bronze Age Pervert), a right wing influencer, was banned from Twitter, which has caused a bit or an uproar in the community. The creation and dissemination of media projects and memes, testimonials, eulogies increased exponentially. His ideas are being discussed more, and his iconography and catchphrases are ubiquitous. His dedicated fans have joined his telegram channel, over 10K in 12 hours.
> Do you feel these types of social media suspensions achieve their desired results? If not, what might be more effective?
> SR Ballard
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There is a new report out about this.

Study shows users banned from social platforms go elsewhere with
increased toxicity

Researchers developed a method to identify accounts belonging to the
same person on different platforms and found that being banned on
Reddit or Twitter led those users to join alternate platforms such as
Gab or Parler where the content moderation is more lax.

Also among the findings is that, although users who move to those
smaller platforms have a potentially reduced audience, they exhibit an
increased level of activity and toxicity than they did previously.
“The hardcore group, maybe the group that we’re most concerned about,
are the ones that probably stick with someone if they move elsewhere
online. If by reducing that reach, you increase the intensity that the
people who stay around are exposed to, it’s like a quality versus
quantity type of question. Is it worse to have more people seeing this
stuff?  Or is it worse to have more extreme stuff being produced for
fewer people?”


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