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>...My mother at age ~fifty drove from Pennsylvania to California (with lots
of sightseeing and visiting), sleeping in the back of her Dodge Grand
Caravan.  I don't know how she handled hygiene.

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Anton, even the pessimists among us recognize that the horrifying tragedy of
covid has produced a few positive outcomes.  Among these is getting us to
think about safety thru social distancing.  We can now do extended no-touch
tours if we own a camper.  It takes some careful planning, but one can go
for about 10 days without having to set foot in a grocery store or any other

The visiting relatives part is mostly out of the question, but the
sightseeing need not be.  

If one maintains the proper social distancing, hygiene becomes largely

My apologies for being blunt on that, but covid has in a way given us some
new freedoms.


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