[ExI] Book: Conversations with the Future: 21 Visions for the 21st Century

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Mon Aug 9 05:37:46 UTC 2021

Nikola Danaylov, the interviewer supreme of transhumanism, has a new book

"For generations, humanity stared at the vastness of the oceans and
wondered, “What if?” Today, having explored the curves of the Earth, we now
stare at endless stars and wonder, “What if?” Our technology has brought us
to the make-or-break moment in human history. We can either grow
complacent, and go extinct like the dinosaurs, or spread throughout the
cosmos, as Carl Sagan dreamed of.

What if your toothbrush becomes smarter than you? What happens to your
business, your country, your planet and yourself? What if your car doesn’t
need a driver anymore? What if we don’t need to age and die? What if
machines are smarter than us? What if, instead of fear of the future – you
see opportunity, instead of an end – you see a beginning, instead of loss –
you see profit, and instead of death – you see life? What if you and your
organization get future-primed?

For many years Nikola Danaylov has been interviewing the future and
motivating people all over the world to embrace rather than fear it.
"Conversations with the Future" was born from those interviews and Nik's
unceasing need to explore "What If" with some of the most forward thinking
visionaries in the world today."

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