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>…  why do we do things like this?  Why don't we just use clinical terms for anatomy?


I do.   I found out a long time ago how sexy that could be.  A long time ago I dated a girl who grew up in Africa (Zimbabwe (she called it Rhodesia.))  Both of her parents were doctors.  She learned most of her English from a textbook rather than other kids on the playground.  She spoke with perfect grammar always, never used slang of any kind because she didn’t know any.  


Being a nurse in training, the assignment was to make a list of all slang, profanity, alternate names for body parts, etc.  She was stumped.


>…  Why do we have hundreds of names for sexual body parts? bill w


When that girl I described used medical terms, oh that sounded cool.  I just loved that.  So… I took it up with later relationships, and have always gone that route.



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