[ExI] US ?failed miserably? in wargame reportedly against China attack on Taiwan

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>> ...only a matter of time before it sets its sights on the Philippines.
China is both patient and ambitious.

>....China is already about 2/3rds of U.S. GDP and growing. If China
conquers Taiwan, and the tiger economies, then they will have overnight
economic parity.

Ja to all, with some additional comment: if China takes Taiwan, its
productivity will quickly be a fraction of what it was.  I don't see that
economy flourishing under communism of any form.  Its capital will flee
before the commies arrive.  Bitcoin has given us international mobile

Stuart you know where I live, in the Bay Area.  We have been watching
Chinese and Taiwanese money flowing into this place for so long, we assume
the big bucks are always coming from that direction.  It is very seldom we
see anyone born and raised in the USA coming from outside and buying in
around here.  I don't recall a single example in years.  I did, 32 years
ago, but we were the exception to the rule even then.  We were people who
were willing to sacrifice standard of living in order to get where the
technology was being developed.

>... Then it might be time to learn Mandarin, praise Mao, and mind your
social credits.

Stuart LaForge

The thought had occurred to me.  The internet never forgets.  All the
disparaging comments I have posted about commies are there forever.  This is
not to say I have any intentions of stopping however.  In my heartfelt
opinion, communism is a flawed concept that fails every time it is tried,
absolutely regardless of whether it is true communism or some diluted
version of it: communism deters innovation and initiative.  If the proles
are not allowed to have cool stuff for their effort, they won't expend the
effort.  They will do just enough to get by.  Universal truth.


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