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>>…I'm not a rap fan but I've heard plenty that's not offensive. I don't have the time or inclination to provide examples right now. Maybe later.




>…Found one.  A bit outdated, but I like it:





Some have suggested that one isn’t really rap.  Well OK, Im no authority on that kind of thing.  Stevie Wonder, may you live forever.


Here’s a little educational activity: every time you hear of a rap star who has been shot, google on that rap star’s name followed by “lyrics.”  


You can also just use this convenient list:




OK then, look at the lyrics while noting this Wiki article cites a study concluding that over half of American hip hop musician deaths was murder.  Could it possibly by that rap or hip hop is somehow connected to, or perhaps influencing murder?  Just a thought.


Here’s an article written a few years ago on the topic:








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