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> Here’s an article written a few years ago on the topic:
> https://theconversation.com/music-to-die-for-how-genre-affects-popular
> -musicians-life-expectancy-36660

I did not know that life expectancy of non-musicians is (more weakly) correlated with music genre, as the thin lines in the chart suggest.

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Ja I thought that was weird too Anton.  They show a life expectancy vs time curve up there with no scale (I recognize that one) while showing on the main graph life expectancy vs music genre.  But music genre is a bit ambiguous.  If I cite Stevie Wonder as an example of rap, what I was really doing there was comparing lyrics of songs from the long time agos to now.  I like long time agos.

A few years ago, the local convenience store was robbed and the clerk was shot:


They took the clerk in the back room, put a gun in his mouth and shot twice.  They didn't bother to make it look like a possible suicide with that second shot.

Although this happened just down the street from the police headquarters, there were no witnesses, no one heard anything, the bad guys got away.  The surveillance video was useless for the bad guys wore masks.

At least a coupla years went by.  Then a tip came in that a rapper from Sacramento commented rhythmically: 

...Took a road trip
Took down that place
Two to the mouth
Now it's a cold case...

The local detectives went to have a little chat with him.  Upon just casual questioning, the rapper unexpectedly caved with: I didn't pull the trigger.  

He turned over the names of the one who did, who turned over the name of the third guy in the store and the one who drove the getaway car.  All four were convicted of murder 1.

OK then.  A coupla years after murdering a store clerk for no reason, this rapper considered it entertaining to rap about the crime.  Perhaps rapping about murder actually promotes literal murder.  We have wandered far from Stevie Wonder's lyrical works.


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