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>…What's the x axis for non-musicians in that chart?


Looks like they meant time from about 1940 to now, guessing by my vague familiarity with life expectancy curves.  Clearly whoever wrote that article wasn’t a scientist, but it was hard to miss the number of rapsters who managed to get themselves slain.  No doubt there is plenty of rap that doesn’t involve crime in any way, and I am not claiming any expertise in the field.  That list on WikiPedia was most appalling however:



If we continue on that theme that lower cost music results from widespread downloading of audio, we can make some reasonable extrapolations.  I talk to young people today: I find few who have any notion that downloading and copying music is theft.  I see very little indication that they intend to start paying for something that they have always considered free. 

OK, so… what happens?  I foresee karaoke radio.  Consider talk radio.  On the AM dial, advertisers need a low-cost program, so they put on political talk where anyone can call in and have their notions broadcast.  They don’t cost anything, so the show itself doesn’t cost anything.  It’s the spoken word equivalent of karaoke.

So why not do music that way too?  Anyone who wants to get on the radio with their rap or whatever they have can just come in to the radio station and play or sing, or rap or whatever they do.  No cost to the station, advertisers get nearly free content, so all they pay for is the radio broadcasting cost.  All musical entertainment goes amateur.  No one cares who downloads music files, because no one tries to make a living at music.  Then everything is free and everyone is happy, ja?  The music is terrible, but I have my CDs that I like and listen to in my car, so… I’m good with it.



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