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> On 19/08/2021 00:24, Dave Sill wrote:
> I know it won't help make this go away, but "background sounds" aren't
>>> public domain.
>> Actually, they are.  I believe he means samples of whatever sounds are
>> heard in public.
> You may be free to record them, but once recorded they're copyrighted.
> What?
> Please explain how that makes any sense at all.
Knowing what/where/when to record, having the expertise to do that, and
compiling it into a product that's good enough that people want to hear it
or copy it is a creative process that warrants intellectual property
protection under the law. It's pretty obvious that if someone works hard
enough to create something that others want, their efforts deserve
protection from theft.

wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright is pretty informative, if you want to learn

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