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> So the difference between two things, in your opinion is nothing. But I
> have to pretend their different because idiots made some law.

No, there's a distinct difference between borrowing a legal copy and making
an illegal one. If you don't see that, I'm sorry, but that's not my

You also feel it would be best if I never listened to new music or read new
> books, because of a difference you cannot explain.

Don't put words in my mouth, please. I think it's better if most people
follow the law. I don't personally care what you do.

> And because I never listen to or read anything new, I will never buy new
> albums or books, and thus I will provide even less income to these people,
> than I would if I read them and then purchased them.

Join a library. Listen to the radio. Buy a computer or phone that allows
you to play youtube videos or listen to radio stations and podcasts. Borrow
from friends.

> So yes, let me avoid all this “piracy” and actually contribute even less
> money to creators than if I did pirate. That makes so much sense.

Sounds to me like you're trying to rationalize your actions. That's fine by
me. Do whatever it takes to feel good about yourself. I've ripped a CD or
two in my life. Content producers know that this happens at the
individual level and that preventing it is impossible. But when something
like Napster comes along that really does impact them and is an easy legal
target, it will get taken down.

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