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>>…I am aware of the definition of an automatic weapon.  Those guns which fire one bullet for each pull of the trigger are just about as dangerous.   bill w


>…Ja, and therein lies the problem.  The second amendment is about arming of militias, and of course we want the militias to have dangerous weapons, sheesh of course we do.  They are the civilian army, fer cryin out loud…spike


I am surprised this kind of discussion continues considering the horrifying events which unfolded last week.


The Taliban army, said to consist of less than 50k fighters, managed to defeat a government-backed army over 5 times its size, after the Afghanistan president skipped town.  An army operates on commands from above.  If the commander in chief gets outta Dodge, the army stands down, for lack of orders.


Well OK then.  An army must have orders.  But a militia does not.  It is a volunteer civilian army.  


So… a city of nearly 5 million civilians was taken over by an army of less than 50k fighters, ratio about 100 to 1.  Afghanistan doesn’t have a militia, as America does, and its citizens do not have the recognized right to bear arms as Americans do.  So… those who worked with Americans, and in some cases American citizens, sit there, unarmed and completely helpless as the nation’s army stands down for lack of orders, waiting for the Taliban to come, identify them and murder them.


What if… Afghanistan had recognized the right of citizens to bear arms?  And what if… the government there saw to it that the citizenry had dangerous weapons, plenty of ammo and were trained in their use?  The Taliban would have come into Kabul to meet an enormous armed civilian militia.  Never mind a gun behind every bush: Afghanistan doesn’t have enough bushes to cover all the guns the murderous savages would be facing.








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