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>…  You go to the end, and there's just nothing beyond that.  If you push into it - there's something where you pushed, but there's still nothing beyond that…


Adrian, this isn’t the way I understand it.  In a finite (or gravitationally closed ) universe.  There is not a place anywhere in space where one can go (ignoring the logistics of getting there) face one direction, there is everything, face the other direction, there is nothing.  The big bang model kinda makes it sound like there should be a surface where everything appears to be inboard and nothing appears to be outboard.  But that is misleading really.  It makes it sound like everything started out as part of a big firecracker and now the bits are flying out everywhere.  That isn’t what happened. 


The inflationary model suggests that absolutely regardless of where and when you are in spacetime, you will see stuff in every direction.



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