[ExI] US officials hit with suspected sonic weapons in Germany, report says

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 16:08:58 UTC 2021

This makes my blood boil... Most likely the Russians are behind it... The
U.S. needs to find strong evidence of who is responsible (if possible), and
then chew the head off of their national leader...

"United States diplomats said additional incidents have been reported by
American officials in other European countries, including intelligence
officers and diplomats working on issues connected with Russia, such as
cybersecurity, political interference and gas exports."

"The patient told the Wall Street Journal that the symptoms included
piercing ear pain, high-pitched electronic noise and ear pressure.
Initially thought to be symptoms of COVID-19, the patient was flown to
Washington, D.C. for further treatment when the symptoms persisted, embassy
officials noted.

“There is no evidence about what happened to us, but it is striking that
some of us had worked on Russia-related issues,” the worker said. “Whatever
it is, it is a form of terrorism—it has caused serious injuries that have
been life-altering for some of us.”
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