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>…Think four dimensional, Spike?  I could not find that in Wikipedia.  Oops, actually, I did.  My brain is too old for that kind of thinking, so I guess we can leave this topic for good.  bill w



It is a mind bender.  The big bang model makes it sound like the universe started at a point and exploded for some reason, spraying matter out into empty space, but that isn’t really what it is saying.  We aren’t inside a 3D sphere so much as we are on the three-dimensional surface of a 4 dimensional hypersphere.  For some reason, the hypersphere is expanding, which means the 3-dimensional space on the hypersurface is expanding, which is why stuff seems to be going away from us.


Note I am not claiming to understand it, but doing the math helps, just as calculus helps the physics student.




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