[ExI] Launch company Rocket Lab goes public

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 04:27:34 UTC 2021

"With our Electron rocket and *Photon spacecraft*
<https://www.space.com/rocket-lab-mars-spacecraft-escapade-mission>, we've
simplified space, making it easy and affordable for companies, scientists,
governments and entrepreneurs alike to get their ideas to orbit," he added.
"Today, we take the next step toward unlocking the full potential of space,
paving the way for our larger Neutron launch vehicle which will deploy the
constellations of the future, and supporting our potential future expansion
into space applications. I am thrilled to declare space open for business."

Going public is something of a trend in the space business these days. For
example, Rocket Lab competitor *Astra went public on June 30*
<https://www.space.com/astra-launch-company-public-nasdaq>, becoming the
first launch company ever to do so. (Astra co-founder and CEO Chris Kemp
got to ring the Nasdaq bell, too.) And another small-satellite launch
company, Virgin Orbit, *announced a SPAC deal of its own*
<https://www.space.com/virgin-orbit-publicly-traded-company> just this

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