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>…I just don't think that evolution prepared us to think in more than three dimensions - at least visually.  You can talk about 3d as a shadow of a 4d thing but that just doesn't compute!   bill w



Ja agree, it’s a mind bender. 


When I heard the big bang model while still thinking in three space dimensions and time as a different thing, I realized that the red shift looking one direction should be higher than if we look in the other direction.


But we don’t see that.  The red shift coefficient is the same any direction we look.  This would lead to the conclusion that our galaxy was coincidentally at the center of the giant cherry bomb to start with, out of all these skerjillions of galaxies.


If our space is the three dimensional surface of 4D spacetime, then the red shift should be just as it appears.


Billw, it helps the imagination to do the math.  Agree it is out of reach for most of us, specifically those who didn’t master multivariable calculus while still a young person.  I can work the equations to some extent but the real mathematicians have no trouble with these concepts.  To those guys, more dimensions are just additional Greek letters in their equations, no problem.


Perhaps you are familiar with Abbott’s Flatland?  Granted it is mostly a social commentary and a bit politically incorrect in our hypersensitive times, but informative in its way.




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