[ExI] OP-ED: The billionaire space race reflects a colonial mindset that fails to imagine a different world

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 21:14:54 UTC 2021

Vastly better quality of life?  Hah.  I cannot imagine living in space in
some rotating asteroid or totally manmade thing.  I am quite sure I would
not like it at all.  I want to look out the window and see a real sky and
dirt and trees and flowers and animals.  I don't want a high res image of
the sky - I want real sky.

I simply cannot imagine some tech being lost unless it is to a more
advanced tech.  I can imagine a future person having the ability to make
his own chips or just anything he needs just by pushing buttons.  What that
would do to the economy I don't have the imagination to predict.  I imagine
that in a 1000 years the individual will have tech at home that will make
what we have now look like cap pistols compared to nuclear bombs.  That
individual will make his own food, medicines and everything else he needs
or even wants.  Including people and pets.  Built to specifications of his
own.   Now we are talking about some real freedom.   bill w

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>> adrian wrote:
>>  The current trend would eventually see human population begin to shrink,
>> which I fear would have negative consequences for humanity.
>> Yeah? Just what?
> At a simple extreme, extinction.
> Short of that, a lot of modern technology is only feasible because it has
> a large number of users.  Chip fabs to support billions are easier to make
> and scale up than chip fabs that only support millions, let alone
> thousands.  Without feasibility, the technology ceases to exist.  Imagine
> if the effort to make computer chips was ruinously expensive per chip - and
> thus, no more computers were made - if human population had decreased to
> the point that there weren't enough users to make chips cheap.
> Now imagine that for food production, sanitation, medicine, and other
> basics of life.  The impacts would not be as soon or as extreme, but they
> would be there.
> I see a boon for the slowing and reversing of the loss of habitat for
>> those animals who share the planet with us.   Do we want animals to exist
>> only in zoos?  And the regrowth of forests and the Amazon Basin, etc.
> Note I said "for humanity".  Humanity could (in theory) skip right off
> Earth into orbiting colonies that could provide vastly better quality of
> life than exists today, and those benefits to Earth's environment would
> still happen.
>> Not going to make it easy on supporting retired folks, I reckon.  bill w
> That is already being seen, with a mere slowdown in growth.
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