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Fri Aug 27 13:37:14 UTC 2021

Like you, I don't agree about the low morals part.  I just think that we
are pretty much like everyone else but have a gloriously free country to
buy what we want (and the credit ratings to do it).  Ex.  I don't view porn
as wrong in any way - certainly not 'dirty' (violent or child porn strongly
excepted).  Certainly our tendency to send armies here and there is a moral
failing - we just can't seem to mind our own business.

However, some arrogance is earned, isn't it?  No, I don't like arrogance at
all, but a pride in the accomplishments of the USA is deserved.

Decadent?  Maybe this is discussable.  bill w

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> On 27/08/2021 01:35, bill w wrote:
> > All around the world people think we are decadent.  Greedy.  Rigid.
> > Low morals. Arrogant.
> Do you think they are wrong? I don't. Apart from the morals bit. And
> it's not just America. This can probably be levelled at 'the west' in
> general, although America is top of the list.
> Morality is relative, of course. To me, the pope is morally repugnant.
> To many, he is the epitome of moral excellence.
> Ben
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