[ExI] OP-ED: The billionaire space race reflects a colonial mindset that fails to imagine a different world

Anton Sherwood bronto at pobox.com
Fri Aug 27 19:31:13 UTC 2021

On 2021-8-26 08:11, Adrian Tymes via extropy-chat wrote:
> This is why some of the science fiction I have written envisions a
> day when human population growth is artificially maintained "for the
> good of society" (read:  for the benefit of those who already exist)
> such as via mass cloning [....]  This might be a self-reinforcing
> trend: once the first clones are old enough to vote, they would seem
> likely to vote for more cloning, [....]

Is new cloning more advantageous to existing clones than to non-clones?

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