[ExI] I have resigned from the IEET Board of Directors

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Sat Aug 28 02:06:21 UTC 2021

I'm sure I know what decision by IEET you're talking about, Giulio. Well done in resigning from their board.

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I have resigned from the IEET Board of Directors

I have resigned from the Board of Directors of the Institute for
Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET).

I have resigned in protest against a recent decision, which hasn’t
been publicly announced yet.

Like much of today’s liberal left, the IEET has embraced certain
currently fashionable but dangerously toxic trends.

Identity politics, #MeToo, cancel culture… These trends start with
good sentiments, but become toxic and dangerous when pushed to
unreasonable and often ridiculous extremes.

The excesses of some extremists, which are tolerated if not encouraged
by the mainstream left, are pushing more and more moderates (both
moderate conservatives and moderate liberals) toward the extreme

The likely results of this can only harm women and disadvantaged
minorities in the long run. But some people are more interested in
pointless virtue signaling than in actual outcomes.

I’m sure many of the reasonable liberals who choose to tolerate this
without speaking up have the heart in the right place. But not the

I don’t talk much about these things, and I try to ignore related
discussions on social media. Not only because I have better things to
do, but also because I don’t want to contribute to mass hysteria.

Read my last book “Futurist spaceflight meditations” if you are
curious about my take on current politics and culture wars.

While in this post I have condemned some toxic aspects of the liberal
left, I’m perfectly aware that the conservative right has its own
toxic aspects, which too many reasonable conservatives choose to

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