[ExI] Great sf writers: A.A. Attanasio

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Sun Aug 29 17:47:24 UTC 2021

On 29/08/2021 07:58, John Grigg wrote:
> .A. Attanasio's power to write transhumanist themed fiction...

I don't think I'd call this 'transhumanist themed'. It's 
science-fantasy, really, if it doesn't acknowledge the limitations of 
physics. I much prefer writers like Greg Egan, who take the fact that 
nothing can travel faster than light, and deals with it. Very well, imo.

At the very least, any writer who assumes that the speed of light can be 
exceeded, should deal with the consequences that would ensue. I'm not 
talking about being able to expand to other galaxies, etc., I'm talking 
about the consequences that pretty much ensure that the speed of light 
cannot be exceeded.

I'm afraid that referring to this kind of fiction (not saying I've got 
anything against it, as entertainment) as transhumanist-themed, is that 
it will lead people into thinking that transhumanism is just fantasy.


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