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Ellis Michaels requested your answer… <https://www.quora.com/qemail/track_click?al_imp=eyJ0eXBlIjogMzUsICJoYXNoIjogLTE0NjU0NDQ2OH0%3D&al_pri=1&aoid=L9Kx3uRSoWD&aoty=2&aty=4&cp=1&ct=1630258590402102&et=103&id=2f9a0a03ce8d4151889fe406d753468a&request_id=289&src=1&st=1630258590412654&stories=25647991381&uid=zGWPcMS0Aej&v=0> What branch of psychology has the most predictive power in everyday life: social psych, evolutionary psych, etc.? 




Billw, you addressed the question to Henry who is a professional in the field, but I might offer this: once I learned of it, the notion of evolutionary psychology has enormous power in observations otherwise difficult to explain.  I see examples of it everywhere, and some examples where it works really well.  Keith Henson introduced me to it, and he was a big fan.  My concern is that it is very susceptible to confirmation bias, perhaps more than other branches.



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