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In a passing remark you said that there wasn't much difference between the right and the left…


>…There are plenty of small differences between the two major US parties, but on the big things that matter the most to me, they're both on the wrong side. E.g., neither party favors fiscal responsibility, dramatically downsizing the government, seriously improving personal liberty, ending undeclared foreign wars, ending the failed wars on drugs and terrorism, ...









Roger that Dave, and well said indeed.  I edited nothing out of that response.


Both major parties pretend that government debt will never need to be repaid.  Global warming is a bigger threat than a government which cannot balance its own books?  Indeed?  Or terrorism?  Or commies?  Sheesh, all I ask is that USians and people from every country seriously ask themselves what happens when the government cannot make the payments on its own debt?  


Note there is nothing political about the question at all.  It is about finances.


So… what happens?



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