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>   Men sincerely want  to help (want to help women, anyway; other men are
> usually ignored or even shunned as defective)  but usually don't know how,
> which is why women generally want to talk to another woman, who likely has superior
> social and emotional skills compared to a man.

My experience has been men want to find solutions, or workshop finding a
solution, and women want to share their experience and get some sympathy
and support.  So women feel the guys are not listening to them, instead
they are using what the woman is saying to construct a way out of the
problem, but a lot of the time there is no way out, or one is not being
sought, a sympathetic ear is what is being sought.

I have lived with, gone out with, hung out with many people with mental
illness, so I'm quite familiar with a lot of this *from the outside*.
Have lived with two people undergoing psychotic breakdowns on two different
occasions.  The best the rest of us can do, really, is listen and try to
understand and not make judgements.  Just ... be helpful.

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