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We are hearing about omicron covid, and the actions various governments are taking to try to stop it, but we have seen this before: nothing can stop a virus.  Sooner or later it will get everywhere, we know the story well.


Virologists point out that the very most contagious mutations are those which don’t really do much, because the host spreads it all over the place before she even realizes she has it.  OK that makes sense to me.


What if… after all this suffering and all those people perished… this is that variant which spreads really easily because doesn’t make the person all that terribly sick, but alerts the immune system in such a way that it generally reacts effectively when any of the covid mutants come along?  If that is the case with omicron, then we are once again doing exactly the wrong thing: trying to stop a virus which would be beneficial (in a sense) because it would out-compete its more-deadly siblings, alerting (or training) the human immune system without actually slaying the prole who caught it.  


Perhaps if omicron just runs its course, it would lead to an outcome plenty of virologists suggest was the possible reason why SARS came on so suddenly in 2009, then just as suddenly just went away: a SARS variant which doesn’t do much went thru and outplayed its siblings, alerting the immune system in a way that these vaccines are apparently mostly failing to do.


Have we medical hipsters among us who wish to comment?









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