[ExI] omicron might be our friend

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Ooops apologies, I goofed the subject line on my earlier post.

This is what I wrote:

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A coupla weeks ago I posted a comment and was surprised that almost no one jumped on.

We were hearing of the spread of the omicron variant of covid and how it was so contagious.  I commented at the time that every measure taken to stop it would fail, which it did: omicron will go everywhere, again, just as its grandparents and great grandparents did, for all the same reasons: people travel.  Viruses come along for the ride.

OK then, but what we are hearing is that omicron is not nearly as painful as its predecessors.  OK good there.

Here's the big question: does catching one brand of covid cause the immune system to recognize its ancestors and cousins?  Can a prole catch omicron, get over it, then next week catch delta?  Or does omicron teach the immune system how to recognize and defeat the other variants?  And if it does, then perhaps omicron is what will finally end the nightmare, ja?  If it doesn't, it is just another chapter in the same nightmare.

This data should be getting clearer by now, but we probably can't get it from the USA because our 4th amendment rights cover medical records.  Some place like South Africa will likely need to answer this, because they have had it long enough to know: have their sick-bays gotten any repeat customers after first catching omicron?  Anyone here heard of a prole catching omicron first, then delta or alpha later?  This could be really big.  BillK, have you lads heard of any such cases?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Buelllerrrrr...


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