[ExI] The Future Is Going to Be Extremely Lonely

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Mon Dec 13 13:27:20 UTC 2021

The Future Is Going to Be Extremely Lonely
Social isolation has proven to be immensely profitable
Jared A. Brock   Dec 8.2021


While the average person is ready for life to get back to normal,
there’s a zero percent chance that we’ll ever go back to how things
were before the pandemic.

But it’s not going to happen.
In fact, it’s going to be the opposite. Society is going to get more
lonely as we emerge from endless curfews, lockdowns, Orwellian
surveillance systems, and restrictive locational controls.

Because the past two years have proven wildly profitable for the
predator corporations that rule America.

We’ve engineered our society for loneliness
Just take a look at all the biggest companies in the world.

Apple, Google, Amazon, Meta/Facebook, Tencent, and the banks that
finance them all have a vested interest in keeping us apart from each

They all profit from loneliness.
That’s why you don’t hear big tech companies complaining about
draconian lockdown measures. They’d rather sell surveillance tech to
governments to keep people at home and spending time and money online.

In the future, you’ll be “connected” constantly, and “socializing”
digitally, but you’ll be lonelier than you’ve ever been. Because
you’ll never be about to fool your glorious, physical, homo sapien

When I read this article for the first time, I was a bit shocked.
I thought - 'This is a bit over the top, surely?'.
Then I sat quietly for a few moments, got another coffee and re-read it.

Is this really the future we are heading for?


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