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> Books and movies have different priorities. Book of course lack the visual aspects so their value is derived entirely from the emotions and visions they inspire within us. A profitable movie without much of a plot can be produced by leveraging stimulating visuals, while a book without a plot will fall flat. There is also more competition for writers than film producers since the development cost of a book is low enough that the average individual can afford to write one. More books are being produced than movies so statistically there is a greater chance of an excellent new book being produced than an excellent movie. Individuals writing books are less constrained by outside influences and have more creative freedom in general. Essentially, coherent, unique, and innovative works of art do not scale. Risk aversion rises with scalability and a risk averse artist is a crippled one.
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In today's cancel culture, aren't all artists, writers, comedians,
etc. crippled and restricted?
When so many are so easily offended, it is difficult to voice
contrary opinions.


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