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> Agree.  They did a great job of casting in Lord of the Rings.  Trivia question:   Do you know of another movie in which the title character is never seen?  bill w

Doesn’t Sauron appear in the movies as an eye?

Someone mentioned Waiting for Godot as having the title character not appear in the movie. (I’m wondering if this was a movie adaptation or just a filming of the stage play. I’ve seen the latter, but don’t believe I’ve ever seen the former. And, yes, there’s a fuzzy between the two for some plays.) 

But I thought of The Invisible Man. I mean once he becomes invisible, you don’t see him. ;) (I just show myself out.;) 

Doing a little research and only considering films I’ve viewed, there’s Harvey. I don’t believe the title character appears on screen. I’d have to see it again to be sure.


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