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>…I learned this from the People's Pharmacy:  put a bar of soap or two under the top sheet by your calves, and they will prevent or stop leg cramps.  Not a hint of a theory as to why.  I tried it and it worked.  Can't harm anything.  Give it a try…


I am watching carefully for confirmation bias, which is a good explanation for the shoe business.  In many cases, there is exactly one episode in the night, so anything we do risks causing confirmation bias.  Good chance the shoe cure is only that, because walking out a night cramp works, and I only have shoes on when I would be walking.  


>… Related:  if you have restless legs as I do, get a prescription for Requip.  Absolutely works.   bill w


Thanks, this I will not do.  Reason: I have a very simple medical situation, as I don’t take anything regularly, no drugs (other than Cialis and plenty of caffeine) no alcohol, no vitamins, none of anything that could complicate a medical diagnosis or draw attention.  If the cramps get a lot worse and more frequent, and I discover the shoe-cure fails, I would try the soap and shoes together perhaps, and if that fails, I will revisit the Requip notion.  Thanks for the suggestion, Billw!






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