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Forgot to mention that when you have "computationally binding" links like
the ponytails portrayed in Cameroon's avatar
<https://youtu.be/9Ru9fw7szQw?t=140>, you'll experience 100% of what it is
like, not just half of the experience when you hug a loved one.

On Fri, Dec 17, 2021 at 8:39 PM Brent Allsop <brent.allsop at gmail.com> wrote:

> No, No, No.  I completely agree with you on the timeline, but all you
> guys, St Elon included, are still thinking, and doing science, along with
> all other physicists, in ways that can't distinguish between the world, and
> knowledge of the world.  We refer to language and thinking that only uses
> one abstract word for all things red (everyone in the entire world and in
> all peer reviewed journals), as 'qualia blind' as it is unable to represent
> effing of the ineffable things possible when you fail to distinguish
> between red, and say the intrinsic redness quality of your visual knowledge
> of red.  If you distinguish between red and redness, and provide the
> required definitions, you can say critically important effing of the
> effable things like: "My redness is like your greenness, both of which we
> call red."  In reality no physicist can tell us the intrinsic color of
> anything.  We can describe everything in our brain, but we have no idea
> which of all those descriptions is your redness.  We simply haven't yet
> connected our objective descriptions of stuff in the brain, with the
> subjective qualities of the same physical stuff we directly apprehend as
> knowledge of color and such, all because of our qualia blindness.  We live
> in a colorful world, but still nobody knows the intrinsic colorness of
> anything.  Once St Elon and everyone starts observing the brain in a way
> that distinguishes between color and knowledge of color or colorness, only
> then will we be able to connect the objective descriptions of stuff in the
> brain, and your subjective redness.  Along with what it is like for the
> rest of your consciousness - critically important to know what your
> consciousness is like.
> [image: 3_robots_tiny.png]
> All abstract things, today, including all the artificial neural nets you
> are talking about, represent things with abstract words like 'red' as
> portrayed by the system on the right.  You can't know what the word 'red'
> means, without a dictionary.  The physical redness quality your brain uses
> to represent visual knowledge of red with is the definition of red, to
> you.  In the future, we will be able to re-engineer you, to use your
> greenness, instead of your redness, to represent red knowledge with.  See
> our "Consciousness Not a 'Hard Problem' Just a Color Problem
> <https://canonizer.com/videos/consciousness/>" video, for more
> information.
> We are in the process of developing a new chapter called "The World in
> your Head" which will educate people on what it will be like to be
> "uploaded', moving your knowledge of your spirit, into another world in
> another's head, over "computationally binding" links like the ponytails
> portrayed in Cameroon's avatar <https://youtu.be/9Ru9fw7szQw?t=140>.
> Also what it will be like to upload yourself into a significantly upgraded
> world in your head, with hundreds of thousands of times of knowledge
> resolution, and 10 or more additional primary colors, and so on.
> Once St Elon finally realizes how to think in ways that distinguish
> between red and redness, then their team will surely discover which of all
> our descriptions of stuff in the brain is redness.  Only then will they be
> able to finally discover what is required to upload your knowledge of your
> spirit, into another significantly improve 'world' into an artificial head
> world.
> As a preview of what will be contained in the new "The World in your Head"
> chapter of our video in a much more compelling way, see chapters 5 and 6 of
> my "1229 Years After Titanic
> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ybLgIbOSDu9-ye1wAu9B5RnCBuSVcIihtXrhtVWZajo/edit>"
> Cameron fan fiction story.
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>> On Fri, Dec 17, 2021 at 2:38 PM Hermes Trismegistus <gadersd at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> I’ve had thoughts similar to yours. The brain is so flexible that it
>>> should be possible to connect artificial neurons to our existing neurons.
>>> The natural and artificial ones would begin communicating and their
>>> functions would coalesce. This may be a way of integrating new body parts
>>> such as a tail that would eventually develop its own unique sensations
>>> after the natural neurons integrate their functionality with the artificial
>>> ones.
>> ### Indeed, the advanced BMI used for uploading should be also capable of
>> expanding the scope of function and the scope of conscious experience, from
>> integrating new sensory capabilities, to boosting mathematical reasoning
>> capability and general IQ, to gaining the ability to control multiple
>> physical avatars simultaneously.
>> Sky's the limit.
>> Rafal
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