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  I have a - well, not a theory, really, more an observation, or even just a
question - about night cramps.

>...They're always leg or foot cramps, aren't they? People never seem to get
arm cramps or back cramps in the night.

You're right about that, hadn't realized it, but the back has long powerful
muscles too, and they are used constantly when we are awake.  The gloots are
big muscles (if you're lucky) but those never cramp (if you're lucky.)

>...But we keep trying, in our dreams, to run...

Well there ya go, that explains why the shoe cure worked: I am really to
flee any night terror.

>...And the final piece: It's quite possible to induce a cramp in a muscle
by over-contracting it, for long enough...

Ja, that is something I have always had to be very careful about with regard
to feet at night.  I can induce a cramp that way in two seconds.

>...Maybe a combination of these things, and the timing of the paralysis,
contributes to nocturnal leg cramps.

Ja interesting observation.  The same action that would induce a foot cramp
at night doesn't do so in the day.  Hmmmm...

>...Any other ideas?  Ben

Seems reasonable Ben.

I heard the magnesium deficiency theory, took some vitamins, no difference.
Blood tests showed I had no deficiency so it's no mystery the Mg didn't

I need to design a series of tests.  My bride doesn't like the shoes in bed
notion, even though they are new shoes, never been worn outside that room.
Good chance I will need to work on an alternative there, and I don't really
think she will be OK with soap in the bed either.  She's weird that way:
bedtime Bonzo, no soap, no shoes, cut the crap and go to sleep.



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