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John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 21:21:14 UTC 2021

My mother died a week ago, and I am grieving. And so If I may ask, how did
those of you who have lost your mothers deal with it?

I have very bittersweet memories of my mother and she was far from perfect,
but I will say that she did love my brother and I. Eighteen years had gone
by since I had last seen her face to face, and I feel guilt over my letting
that happen. But at least my brother was there to take her into his home,
during her final two months. And so she was surrounded by loving adults and
lots of kids. It was only during her final week of life, that my brother
and the doctors realized she was actually dying. She passed peacefully, in
her sleep, while my brother's wife was reading to her. My mother was
convinced that there is an afterlife, and for the past five years had
spoken of her desire to die, having lived her life and feeling ready to
move on.

I wonder how the role of mothers will change/grow as humanity develops
transhumanist technologies, and people have vigorous lifespans measured in
multiple centuries. I envision it being somewhat like what was depicted in
the Old Testament, with Methuselah-like figures who were surrounded by many
generations of offspring. And of course as these life extending
technologies mature, they will produce future mothers who will not be old
in appearance and frail. What a strange new world it will be...

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