[ExI] When your mother died...

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sun Dec 19 13:33:45 UTC 2021

On Sun, December 19, 2021 16:21, John Grigg via extropy-chat wrote:
> My mother died a week ago, and I am grieving. And so If I may ask, how did
> those of you who have lost your mothers deal with it?

Much sympathy on your loss, John.  I'm sure you'll find there are *many*
things you wish you'd asked her but now is too late.    That was one of my
discoveries.  And the questions are not necessarily the kind of things a
person would write down in a memoir, but other odd questions that now will
never have answers.

I think I am now the oldest of my blood-kin.  Parents and siblings are
gone.  That's a strange feeling, for me.  I don't feel like "an old one"
or "a wise one"... more like a remnant that will be swept away soon, one
that has about outlived its time.

If you are able, stay in touch with your brother, and whatever you can do
to help him in this situation, offer to do it.  Sometimes even at a
distance help can be given.

We can hope your mom found the afterlife she hoped for.


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