[ExI] covid or cold?

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>…What little I know:  viruses that kill their hosts are, regarding evolution, not very successful.  So they mutate - it's as if they know that being too toxic is not a good strategy for proliferating.   bill w



It was a breakthrough in a way billw.  Covid originated in China, but information is not free in China, so important data was lost.  It proliferated quickly in the USA (we yanks travel a lot (and are generally flabby)) but in the area of medical records, information isn’t free in the USA so important information was lost.  


Omicron originated in South Africa, where they are good at collecting (and not hiding) data.  Result: it looks to me like omicron is pretty much equivalent to a mild flu, as our politicians scramble to convince us that we are going to die if we don’t do exactly as they demand.



























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