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>…How much data is enough data?  That omicron is fairly harmless, that is.  Can't be too careful?  Of course you can, and many people will dispute the timing.  Anyway, since the first strain of the virus is still killing people (I assume), what's wrong with being careful?  I do agree that lockdowns and closures are too much, and maybe always have been.  bill w



Ja, billw, we yanks can’t get out of our own way.


The harm caused by lockdowns is difficult to estimate, of course it is.  We know it caused a lotta harm.  In my own family we had one covid death, but her list of other problems was longer than your arm, so it isn’t clear.  We had two who died of covid but not with covid: one had chronic congestive heart failure the medics were controlling for the past 15 years, covid caused his hospital to go out of business for lack of customers, he ran out of his carefully-tuned diuretics, “reasoned” that coffee is a diuretic (sheesh cuz) ramped up that “medication,” adios amigo, age 64.  Another cousin, covid shutdown, his business failed, his girl left, he ended it, age 28.  


So… how do we count those?  In the USA, we don’t really.  The one counts as a fatality with or of covid, the other two don’t count at all.


How do we count the chaos caused to some students by doing a year of remote learning, and how do we count those fortunate few who prospered during that period?  We don’t, because we really don’t know how.  How do we count that covid drove zoom technology, which is overall beneficial?  How do we estimate the value of the expensive education in biology and immunology that covid has driven?  How do we estimate the cost of continuing the shutdown?  I am open to suggestion.






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