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On Sat, 25 Dec 2021 at 23:40, spike jones via extropy-chat
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> BillK, you are right however, it takes some time after they get her into
> position to do additional initialization, but I predict it will take only a
> few weeks rather than months.
> spike
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Ever the optimist!  You can probably get treatment for that.  :)

NASA says six months, plus one month's work done during the journey to L2.

 See: <https://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2021/11/commissioning-jwst-1/>
“It takes probably three to four months to get everything down to the
30 to 50 Kelvin temperature ranges that [most instruments] need. But
during that time, our optical team is continuing to align the

After this, James Webb gets turned over to the instrument teams.
“We have four instruments, and [those teams] will then go through a
series of calibration exercises with those instruments. These
exercises range from thermal stability measurements to looking at dark
areas to just calibrating out all of the artifacts in the instruments
that would interfere with science observations.”

This delicate work will take about two months, bringing the total
commissioning phase to about six months total.

You will have to be patient for a while and hope everything checks out OK.


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