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 See: <https://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2021/11/commissioning-jwst-1/>
“It takes probably three to four months to get everything down to the
30 to 50 Kelvin temperature ranges that [most instruments] need. But during that time, our optical team is continuing to align the telescope.


You will have to be patient for a while and hope everything checks out OK.



Ja that is a difference between Webb and Hubble: the latter was tuned to visible and UV to some extent, whereas the Webb is set up for near infrared observations, which should be extremely informative because so much of that energy is absorbed in the atmosphere.  They are right of course on the cooling: that is all done passively on Webb, so that part does take a while, dang.

I now realize that most of the cooling takes place only after Webb arrives at L2.  The earth eclipses over half the sun in that position.


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